TV Packs

These are indicative costs and we are able to customise campaigns to suit budgets.

All packs include senior level input at all facets of the process.

TVLowCost Pack $95k plus GST

•  x2 15” TVCs (either one product with 2 different messages or 2 different products)

•  1/2 day shoot one Auckland location - same set

•  3 creative concepts and scripts

•  All inclusive of strategy, creative, account service, filming and editing, VO, library music, non-featured talent
    and dubs to channel, TV time

•  Additional costs: location fee, stylist if required, featured talent, additional production charges if 2nd location



•  25% Peak

•  5 weeks on air

•  TV1, TV2, TV3, Prime or SKY TV

•  350 TARPS (70 TARPS per week)

•  Based on January - March TV time and bought at opening

•  HHS 25-54 years